The 3D Filament type PLA (Polylactic Acid) is one of the most commonly used 3D filament in 3D Printing! It's usually the first material newcomers come in contact with because it's so easy to print, and as it's plants based, it's biodegradable when sent with your municipal compost bin (Don't worry you 3D prints won't degrade on your shelves!)


PLA 3D Filament is stiff, but it's not the strongest material. If you have a 3D printer with an heated print bed, it's best to set it at about 60 °C with an active cooling fan to help the 3D Filament cool down.


You are now humbly calling yourself a real 3D printer and you have mastered the art of 3D printing with PLA filament? The next step is PETG filament! See our PETG 3D Filament selection.


**Always put your 3D Printer filament spool back in it's bag and away from direct sunlight to maximise shelf life.

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