Payment will still be with e-Transfer, in person or with PayPal (with a 3,5% fee)



For those who aren't familiar with the Group, long story short : The owner of this company decided to create a purchase group to save money on personal/3D printing shop stocking needs directly from a Premium filament factory, namely, Hello 3D. The mission was simple: get the best price for this Quality filament and pass the real cost to members with NO PROFIT taken at all (in fact, the company even absorbed some unexpected fees down the road.. learning comes at a cost apparently!)  An unforeseen problem arose on the first order, we learned that each boxes needed to be filled with 12 spools of the same colour! So in order for the group to work, the owner decided to take a chance and to buy the remaining spools of incomplete boxes (plus extra boxes). The filament selling division of 3D Prints Canada was born! The Group purchase was a hit, and with Covid induced delays, ordering in China to reception in our store in Canada took 2.5 months the first time.  After a couple weeks/months of harassment, the need to repeat the experience is here again! Now with an expected delay of <2 months Ordering to reception by end buyer!



- As you read the terms, you will see that we are very transparent;

- We pass the real cost for the filament and the shipping;

- All fees, expenses, duties and import taxes are calculated in the price, so no surprise down the road for you**1;

- Shipping cost may vary (slightly) between order time and actual shipping time, we can't do nothing about this. You have access to shipping estimate in the Shoping cart menu, but please select Local Pick-up when passing the order, final shipping fees will be confirmed just before shipping;

- We ask that the buyer front a minimum of 75% of their order (rounded to lowest 25$ multiple i.e. 75$, 125$) before the final ordering date, as the owner has to personnaly front the money for the whole group at ordering time! We used to do it at 50%, but it's too hard for the bank account! And Please, choose Bank Transfert;

- Final payment is due days/hours before filament's shipping or shipping will be held. (Any remaining debt + Real shipping cost);

- Orders are processed, shipped and honoured as a first come first served basis (small changes to your order down the road doesn't push you down, but need to be made by email -, so if there is an error with the stock we receive, the last ones who ordered will be given proper options (product substitution, cancellation of part or whole order (at no cost), etc);

- If you decide to cancel you order AFTER the final ordering date (factory paid date), a 5% fee may be charged for the trouble and expenses engaged;

- Last groupe order took +8h and 4 persons to assemble orders/shipping, this time they will get a little something to pay for their gas, time and snacks (included in expenses/cost). Owner will offer his time and warehouse space for free;

- IDEALLY, orders would be in multiple of 6 or 12 (helps maximizing your shipping cost!);

- Local pickup allowed;

- As we try to be a green company and cut costs for you, your shipping boxes may be.. a surprise!;

- As we don't make profit out of it, we cannot take charge of problem with the filament. With the last order, we had 0.2% 3 rolls) that presented brittleness (most of the time it just needs to be dried out). But we'll be there to help as always!;

- 3D Prints Canada's website is used to improve user experience and simplify orders management only. All aspects of the Filament group purchase are managed by the owner personally outside of 3D Prints Canada (so again don't mix Group purchase product and Normal store's products).


**1 - Should any totally unexpected cost arise, we may ask to collect a couple dimes per spool as we don't make money out of this (i.e. Covid taxes, import taxes/duties cost, etc raised by the government between order time and reception time).