PC 3D Filament

PC 3D Filament

Polycarbonate (PC) 3D Filament is intended for tough environments and engineering applications because of its high strength, good stiffness, extremely high heat deflection, and impact resistance. It can also be bent without breaking and, over all, this 3D filament is the most heat tolerant material known in 3D printing. Like PETG filament, it's one of the very few filament produced with a resin specifically engineered for 3D printing.


Very hygroscopic, PC filament should be stored in airtight and dry containers at all time when not in use.


An enclosure is really recommended and usually with no fan, or very low setting after a couple first layers.


If you are comfortable to 3D print with ABS and HIPS filament, PC 3D Filament shouldn't be a big step forward for you!


**Always put your 3D Printer filament spool back in it's bag and away from direct sunlight to maximise shelf life.


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